I'm going though my long list of ideas and finally doing some of them. I call it "1-Day Projects", because I don't have large chunks of time everyday, but do have days here and there that I can devote to these. Goal...to create, ship, learn and maybe make a few bucks or a few friends.

P3 | October 15th, 2019


Daily Design Challenge Home Page

I'm back! This time with a half-day project. Refreshing DDC. Something I made awhile ago and after "launching", didn't keep up with it. So I'm going to revamp it.
What's interesting is that there are 120+ people on the email list. I don't know how they're finding it and I haven't contacted them beyond a few prompt emails automatically sent to them. I think. I haven't really dug into it.

Right now, I'm writing down how I can tweak the concept of daily design prompts a little. The goal for this half-day project is to retool and soft launch. Being engaged with the project and the people that want to be apart of it. (6:56am)

Email Results Sample

I've been tweaking! Daily Design Challenge is turning into a friendly battle. At least once a week, community members will get a prompt and have 1-hour to work on their design before submitting.

I'm just about wrapped up with the site. Working on updating stripe integration for a premium option.

I got the ball rolling yesterday, but didn't update. I sent out an email asking if people wanted to be included in the new format and battle it out. One reply so far. Now to get a few more before starting battles.
(October 16th @ 7:05am)

P2 | July 25th, 2019


Random Hiit Website First Version

I actually started this exercise app awhile ago. Stalling, getting side-tracked, etc. Now I'm going to knock it out with another 1-Day Project (3:00pm).

Timer Testing

Slow. Very slow. Making progress though. I got randomization of exercises working. And a countdown timer. Now I need to combine those two together so each set of 40 seconds on displays a random exercise and then 20 seconds rest. Repeat it 7 times for this version. That's the goal by tomorrow at 3pm.

I have no idea what I'm doing, so that's why it's taking forever. But gotta learn somehow. (7:04pm).

Very little progress. (10:03am).

Literally nothing has changed. Hit a brick wall and can't get around it... (3:34pm).

I spent a lot of time tinkering and finally got something to show! It works ok. Took way too long, but I did learn a little.(August, 13th @ 2:32pm).

P1 | July 18th, 2019


MeteorZombies 2020 Website

This is a satire political candidate site that I thought would be fun to make. It's my first 1-Day Project. Testing the waters. Having fun so far (9:34am).

MeteorZombies 2020 Video

A few more hours in. Working on a video and some logo ideas (3:56pm).

Not much time spent...or progress though I did get a video made, but it looks like I borked the css (9:42PM).

Unborked it! Got a shop up too and a sticker in there. Though it doesn't really exist. If I get orders, I'll figure it out. And it's the next day. So "1-Day" is a loose term. Hey, it's my first one! I'm still working the kinks out. In its current form it took around 7 hours. Not super focused, but enough to make progress. (5:21pm).

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